Crochet Amigurumi Patterns that you’d love to do

amigurumi crochet

Amigurumi is the Japanese art of knitting or crochet small and stuffed toys. Amigurumi vary in sizes and shapes but there is no restriction of sizes and hooks. The basic difference between regular crochet and amigurumi crochet is stuffing and sewing. It is quite different from regular crocheting and needs expertise up to the east to intermediate level. crochet amigurumi is best for making toys for babies but make these special pieces as safe as possible for toddlers.

In this blog we collect 10 amigurumi patterns. All these amigurumi patterns are freely available.

Pattern no 1: Baby yoda crochet amigurumi

Baby Yoda is one of the famous characters from the star wars series. Yoda is so much popular among children. This free amigurumi pattern is easy as well as beginner-friendly. apart from all this you just need to master in some basic stitches and you are ready to make this amigurumi.

© LarissaMaced – @beefriendscrochet

Amigurumi Free pattern by By @BeeFriendsCrochet (← click to download)

Pattern no 2: Crochet Amigurumi Stitch! from Lilo and Stitch

Another fun amigurumi is amigurumi stitch! from lilo and stitch. This is a different looking amigurumi. If you’re looking for something unique, then lilo and stitch is the best amigurumi to make. I hope that you will enjoy making your own stitch as well with this pattern. In addition to this amigurumi, the designer has many other free amigurumi patterns.

Photo by shmileysmiler flickr

Amigurumi Free pattern by  Sweet N’ Cute Creations

Pattern 3: Jazzy the Unicorn

If you are planning a gift for a baby girl then this unicorn amigurumi is the best choice. There are already too many unicorn patterns are available. But I loved jazzy more because it is cuddly and colourful.

Free Pattern by Jess Huff

Pattern no 4: Frozen’s Olaf Crochet Amigurumi Doll

As we all know, frozen is ever kid’s favourite series. This free amigurumi is equally beloved for boys and girls. If you are a crocheter, there is a possibility to find these colours in your stash. The colours are so easy to find. The stitches are so easy to make.

Amigurumi doll pattern by ChiWeiRanck.

Pattern no 5: Blue Totoro Amigurumi

We found this pattern beginner-friendly. There are no tricky increases and decreases. the colours are good. It is cuddly because of more filling. It is a character amigurumi so toddlers gonna love it.

Free pattern by: Lucy Collin

Pattern no 6: Amigurumi Spider

The problem with most of the amigurumi is they are for toddlers. If you want something for grownups, this is a good option. Spider-man is a beloved superhero. Make this amigurumi to present a boy. This pattern is available in many languages.

Amigurumi pattern by BirYumakAmigurumi

Pattern no 7: Peppa Pig

Peppa, an outgoing preschool pig. She also participates in many energetic activities. She learns something new every day and has a lot of fun with her family and friends. Keep your children motivate with this crochet amigurumi. Plan some good activities by involving peppa.

Free amigurumi pattern by Ezerioszka – handmade

Pattern no 8: Despicable Me Minion

At this time, the minion is one of a famous character. Children nowadays are in absolute love with this series. Amigurumi minion is surely as exciting as the real one. It is cute and adorable. The best thing is you can remove googles. This is also a completely free pattern.

Amigurumi by Stephanie Jessica Lau. Get Free Pattern : Here

Pattern no 9: Big Hello Kitty

It is another fictional character. Specially girls are in love with these cute kitties. Kitty amigurumi is a pleasure for baby girls. For this reason, gift it to your princess. You can crochet it with any yarn.

PHOTO: © GabiCrocheting

Amigurumi pattern by Ella.D Design

Pattern no 10: My Little Pony Rarity

Last but not least, littile pony is another free pattern. This character amigurumi pattern is free and easy. This is another cuddling toy. Rarity is approximately 36cm tall and 34cm wide which makes her a perfect size cuddle amigurumi. 

my little piney rarity free amigurumi pattern

Amigurumi pattern by Rachel Hoe