Beautiful and chunky crochet blankets are the best choice for makers because of its versatility. It is the best gift for a newborn baby or other relatives. The most beautiful thing about crochet blankets is that everyone loves them. Use different styles of colourful yarn or play around beautiful stitches. Either it is a Chunky crochet blanket or a simple crochet blankets, the options are countless. Here are 9 easy to make blankets to give your house a modern look and a warm feel to your loved ones.

Pattern no 1: Aran Hearts Throw Crochet ribbing

Although the ribbing pattern requires some expertise the final results are worth doing. Once you learn to rib you can do different variations in designs. Because of its beauty, ribbing blanket designs are very famous. The first design of our is also a ribbing crochet pattern. The bobble stitch hearts are so beautiful.

Yarn: Red Heart Soft Solids & Heathers, weight worsted

level of difficulty: intermediate

Designed by Bonnie Barker. Download from:

Pattern no 2: Ripple Baby Crochet Blanket by Lauren Brown

Ripple blankets are all-time famous blanket because of their uniqueness and modern look. These easy crochet blankets are famous for their colours and even ripples. These ripples are made of the double crochet stitch. This pattern is especially for beginners. It is the idea to use leftover stash.

Yarn: Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice, weight wosted

Difficulty level: Beginner

Download Link:

Pattern no 3: Diagonal Basket weave Crochet Baby Blanket

It is another textured stitch pattern. Basketweave stitch is a sequence of front post and back post stitches. This modern crochet blanket is meant to be warm because of its tenderness. This is suitable for all ages and all genders because of its stitch.

Cascade Yarns:8 skeins of colour #12 sandshell

level of difficulty: intermediate

Designed by cascade yarns .Available as FREE Download on: Lovecrafts

Pattern no 4: Checkerboard textures throw by Red Heart

Here is another textured crochet blanket pattern. Its texture is a beautiful sequence of front post, back post and popcorn stitches. It is made of granny squares and 10 types of textured squares. I would like to use it as a boy crochet blanket. For a girl blanket version use the yarn in another colour.

Yarn: RED HEART® Soft®: 13 balls 9440 Light Grey Heather

Difficulty level: easy to intermediate

Designed by Katherine Eng. You can download this free crochet pattern here

Pattern no 5: Granny block baby blanket

This blanket really is a classic that anyone can make. All you need is a bunch of your
favourite coloured yarns ­ as many or as few as you like. Using a
simple repeat this is the perfect beginner project to practise your technique and
tension. This is a colourful stripe pattern and best to make if you are looking for an easy and colourful project. This is also a good choice to use your leftover yarns.

Yarn: DK yarn of your choice

Difficulty level: beginner

Designed by Hannah Cross: she has beautiful designs on her profile. Here I am sharing the link of her profile. Hannah Cross on Lovecrafts

Pattern no 6: Cheveron blanket

If you are a beginner and just know single crochet stitch, this pattern is for you. These zigzag ripples are fun to make and best to use as a warm baby blanket. This pattern is also so easy to follow.

Yarn: cotton in red, white, and yellow

Difficulty level: beginner

Designed by Andrea Baker. Ravelry link: chevron_blanket

Pattern no 7: Lovey Blanket Bear Security Blanket Teddy

This is another cuddling crochet blanket to keep your little one warm and protective. This amigurumi is very easy and beginner-friendly. You can make it even if you know only 2 basic stitches.

Yarn: Paintbox Simply Aran Light Caramel (get 2 balls of yarn)
Paintbox Simply Aran Champagne White (one ball of 100 gr yarn)

Difficulty level: Beginner

Designed by Tatie. Ravelry download: here

Pattern no 8: Basketweave Diamond Throw by Bonnie Barker

This pattern is for a set of throw and pillow. A traditional Aran stitch throw takes on modern sensibilities when crocheted in this clear shade of blue. Fashion your own unique version in any hue and add textural interest to your surroundings. Make the matching pillow first and try a sampling of all the different stitch patterns.

Yarn: RED HEART® With Love®: 10 skeins 1814 True Blue.

Difficulty level: intermediate

This Pattern is available on Yarninspirations

Pattern no 9: Pentagonal Penrose Throw Blanket

This round blanket is unique because of its shape and color variations. You need to make a lot of motifs in different shapes, then sew them together. This required days to finish but the results are worth your effort. Use it as a throw or blanket, surely everyone gonna love it.

Yarn: you need dk yarn in
120 pentagons of colour A ~ 950 yards ( 8 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Dusk”)
75 pentagons of colour B ~ 600 yards ( 5 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Jade”)
36 pentagons of colour C ~ 290 yards ( 3 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Eggplant”)
30 3 pointed stars/boats ~ 260 yards ( 3 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Hollyberry”)
50 diamonds/rhombuses ~ 190 yards ( 2 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Bordeaux”)
10 5 pointed stars ~ 120 yards ( 1 skein Knit Picks Swish dk “Twilight”)
border-colour ~1200 yards (10 skeins Knit Picks Swish dk “Coal”)

Difficulty level: intermediate

Designed by Barb Cutler. Available on Ravelry